Speaking with Spirit, 10-23-14

Please enjoy this first edition of Tobie Hewitt, Speaking with Spirit:

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We Are Spirit

Purple Glitter meme

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Simple Gifts: Living a Spirited Life

Simple Gifts Living A Spirited Life

I am so very touched and grateful for this lovely review of my book, Simple Gifts: Living a Spirited Life! “I recommend this book for anyone who feels different from others but can’t quite understand or explain why. This book outlines 10 of the most fundamental elements for leading a fulfilling life while contributing to the fulfillment of others. Tobie shares her spiritual journey in a very quiet and composed, yet insightful way. Her experiences are our experiences and we all share these if we are aware and open to our environment. Several situations resonated with me and I felt a deep connection. I am looking forward to reading more by this author!” Please find this book at: http://tinyurl.com/92vbqpt

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Lunar Eclipse

NASA Lunar Eclipse

Watching this morning’s lunar eclipse…the bright white of the moon dimmed into soft red. As I watched the shadow of the earth, on which I stand, slide between the sun and the moon, I felt awed, but also quite small. Our planet is quite small in this universe, too small not to make friends with each other and learn to cooperate in peace. Too small to allow differences to dictate our behavior. Too small not to work together to create harmony within the vision of the Creative Spirit that placed us here. Too small not to believe that we are part of something much much larger and to bow our heads in gratitude for this amazing experience. We are One! Namaste!

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NASA stars

Why “spirit” or “Spirit”? Why sometimes plural and sometimes not? I have come to know that “spirit” is a word to denote those who live in a different dimension than the one we inhabit. It often feels as though it can be referring to a single spirit or a group of spirits. It is simply a state of being. For reasons I am not sure of, I do not feel it is necessary to say “a spirit” or “the spirit.” Perhaps it is akin to saying “John Doe,” i.e., not knowing someone’s name but wanting to refer to that person just the same. I consider spirits to be folks like us who simply do not inhabit a physical body at this time. As such, they are often relatives or friends we have known here, but who have transitioned to the other dimension. They do not necessarily have any more wisdom than we do, but they do seem to have a wider perspective of our plane of existence. Because of this, they can be very helpful, much in the same way a trusted friend can offer us a friendly ear and perhaps guidance on this plane. Namaste!

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Discerning Spirit

As we become more familiar with the idea of interacting with spirit, we begin to develop an awareness of when it is someone else and not simply our own thoughts we are hearing. There is a certain realization that the thought we are experiencing is not at all in our own voice, and perhaps the tonality of the words/thoughts is different than what we hear when we are just thinking. You can hear, “I think I need a glass of water,” and be fairly sure it is you who is thinking this. But, if you hear, “You need to drink a glass of water,” and there is a feeling that the words are being said to you rather than by you, you might want to consider that spirit is aware of, for example, that you are dehydrated and really in need of water for your physical well-being. Spirit always tries to lead us toward positive actions. On the other hand, if you hear a thought that is telling you to do something harmful to yourself or others, you may want to seek the help of a professional, because that is something spirit would never do. Namaste!

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Communicating with Spirit

blue meditation

How does spirit try to get our attention? How do 4D people reach out and communicate with us? How do we know we are dealing with spirit and not some idea of our own or a “coincidence” we choose not to recognize as coming from a source not confined to our 3D world? Sometimes, the communication is obvious: a yellow rose appearing on a special day, seemingly out of nowhere; the feeling we should turn right rather than left and then we later learn we have avoided an accident; a fellow traveler on this plane suddenly saying something to us in answer to a question we had been pondering silently. These leave very little doubt that something at least unusual is occurring. And what of a feather appearing in an unlikely spot or being awakened at 4:44 several times in one week or a book containing needed information falling off a shelf as we pass by? There is no such thing as coincidence. All things occur in a time and space by design or conscious intent. When we accept that spirit is trying to communicate with us, we can begin to seek guidance and solace from them and find that they are very willing to give us both. Namaste!

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