Welcoming Love and Abundance

 blue meditation

I have a mantra I say or think as often during the day as I can. I have been saying/thinking it more frequently as of late, because I sense that when I do, my footing on my path becomes more sure and miracles, large and small, happen with increased frequency. Doors open, ideas flow, opportunity knocks, and I find things that have gone missing—all, I am quite sure, because I simply asked, and made sure to focus on the intent of my mantra—“I welcome and grateful for the love and abundance in my life.” Since setting positive intent and expressing gratitude at the same time helps to manifest both love and abundance in many forms, it seems that this is a very good all-purpose mantra. In addition, it does not limit in any way what is manifested—money, relationships, happiness of all kinds. And, then, when I add, “all this or something better,” I open myself up to all sorts of possibilities, all because I welcome and am grateful for the positivity flowing through my life. Namaste!

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Serving Spirit


There is a very special feeling I get when I schedule a reading with someone and ask them to invite their people on the other side and everyone shows up on time! And it is even nicer when everyone is polite and takes their turn and works hard so I can understand what they are saying. Recently, a woman came in for a reading and, unbeknownst to me as we sat down, she had invited three family members to join us from the spirit realm. Her grandfather, whose name I heard fairly clearly, came in to moderate and help the others. Each of the other three spirits told me their names, though I only got first initials, and how they passed, and seemed to want to give solace to the woman, who was the daughter of one, and the sister of two of them. She handed me items, one for each person, which I did not look at, but simply held. As the session began to end, the three spirits gave me more information to verify their existence, which pleased the woman, as did their input into some questions she had. I remain grateful that I am able to serve spirit on both sides of the veil. Namaste!


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Robin Williams

Suicide Prevention Hotline

No matter what, suicide is not an answer, not a solution. The soul knows this the minute the spirit leaves the body. And, despite what the song says, suicide is not painless. It leaves in its wake a sea of broken hearts. I send peace and healing, light and love to Robin Williams and to all who love him. Namaste!

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Asking Spirit


blue meditation

This past Saturday I went to Lily Dale (a Spiritualist community south of Buffalo, NY) to see Medium James Van Praagh give a presentation. It was a wonderful experience to be in the audience as James contacted Spirit and delivered messages. For me, it was more validation that this is part of my calling, too. I could feel my guide, Roger, nudge me every time James made a point or connected two spirits on either side of the veil. On Sunday, I asked Spirit to point me in the direction of information on how to develop a Speaker Proposal I could send out to get speaking gigs. On Monday, for the very first time in the almost seven years I have worked as a proofreader, I was sent a Speaker Proposal to proofread! This was not a coincidence; it was further confirmation that this is to be part of my path going forward. I often encourage people to ask Spirit for help and know that they will receive an answer. I am thankful that I have been given this example to share as proof that this works! Namaste!




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The Healing Glitter


A word or two about the Glitter, which can be seen attached to this posting as well as in the banner on Tobie Hewitt, Intuitive Consultant. This is a representation of the healing energy that looks to me like green and silver glitter, which I was given by Spirit to use when I send healing energy to those in need. I visualize the Glitter flowing toward and surrounding the person (or people) in need of healing and it manifests in different ways. Some people have said they feel a pleasant tingling sensation and others have said they feel warmth. Still others feel a light vibration. Many have said they have received some measure of healing when they receive this energy. If you are in need of healing or know someone who is, please send me a message via my Facebook page,  Tobie Hewitt, Intuitive Consultant, and I will be happy to send the Glitter your way. Namaste!

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NASA stars

Celebrate that the love energy that sustains the universe also flows through you! We are not randomly placed in our portion of space, to live and to “die” in some meaningless flash of molecules clinging to each other to create a form that breathes and moves with no more intent than a speck of dust. We are part of the stars and mountains and oceans. We express the hopes and dreams that reflect the hopes and dreams of the Creative Spirit. Each of us is here for a purpose. Each of us fits into the cosmic puzzle that is the universe and if even one piece is out of place, the picture is incomplete and imperfect. You are an integral part of the whole, of the One, of the All. The same love energy that is the Creative Spirit that created all that is, created you, shining as a reflection of the light of the stars. Namaste! (Image by NASA)

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We Are Spirit

blue meditation

We are all spirit, linked together as part of the great Creative Spirit via the interdependent web. We are all spirit, and the membrane of skin that holds us in and separates us is temporary, as is the animosity that divides us. We are all spirit, and what is eternal and all permeating is the energy of love . . . simply . . . love. Namaste!


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