Discerning Spirit

As we become more familiar with the idea of interacting with spirit, we begin to develop an awareness of when it is someone else and not simply our own thoughts we are hearing. There is a certain realization that the thought we are experiencing is not at all in our own voice, and perhaps the tonality of the words/thoughts is different than what we hear when we are just thinking. You can hear, “I think I need a glass of water,” and be fairly sure it is you who is thinking this. But, if you hear, “You need to drink a glass of water,” and there is a feeling that the words are being said to you rather than by you, you might want to consider that spirit is aware of, for example, that you are dehydrated and really in need of water for your physical well-being. Spirit always tries to lead us toward positive actions. On the other hand, if you hear a thought that is telling you to do something harmful to yourself or others, you may want to seek the help of a professional, because that is something spirit would never do. Namaste!

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Communicating with Spirit

blue meditation

How does spirit try to get our attention? How do 4D people reach out and communicate with us? How do we know we are dealing with spirit and not some idea of our own or a “coincidence” we choose not to recognize as coming from a source not confined to our 3D world? Sometimes, the communication is obvious: a yellow rose appearing on a special day, seemingly out of nowhere; the feeling we should turn right rather than left and then we later learn we have avoided an accident; a fellow traveler on this plane suddenly saying something to us in answer to a question we had been pondering silently. These leave very little doubt that something at least unusual is occurring. And what of a feather appearing in an unlikely spot or being awakened at 4:44 several times in one week or a book containing needed information falling off a shelf as we pass by? There is no such thing as coincidence. All things occur in a time and space by design or conscious intent. When we accept that spirit is trying to communicate with us, we can begin to seek guidance and solace from them and find that they are very willing to give us both. Namaste!

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Open Mind

SummerSolsticeSoireeClose eyes. Take a deep cleansing breath. Release tension. Another cleansing breath. Open mind. It really is a very short path from being here (3D) to being aware of the other here (4D). As short as a breath? I have written it before and will keep writing it until I remember it 24/7 and until the message reaches those who need/want to hear it. The path to the between space is through the breath, allowing your mind to close to the busy thrumming of the moment and open to the wider energies that flow toward us as ever-widening ripples. These are always flowing, washing over us like a warm “Hello,” but until we find that stillness within, we remain oblivious (for the most part) to the energy . . . unless we are startled by a sudden, inexplicable thought or a feather wafting down in front of us or a synchronous word/action or any number of ways in which spirit  tries to get our attention every day. And they are, you know . . . always trying to let us know they are here for help, inspiration, guidance, or just a friendly conversation. So, make a cup of tea, take a cleansing breath, and have a nice chat with spirit. Namaste!

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On the Cusp

NASA stars

When a piece of music, or art, or dance, or the very elements of nature around us suddenly are perceived as being endowed with a subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) energy that flows toward and into our bodies, filling us with a vibration that can best be described as love, then we are in acknowledgement, at some level, of who and where we really are. We can begin to discern that the idea of being alone is not possible. In fact, I have never met anyone who is alone on this plane. There is always a spirit, or guide, or even teacher or master, who is standing at the ready and is sending the vibration of love and compassion, empathy and inclusion to every one of us. We can sometimes know these beings from dreams or by that slight difference we feel when we enter a room, or experience a subtle breeze or sound that contains a sense of sentience . . . it is at once familiar and strange, the latter because we have been indoctrinated to believe, to even think we know, that somehow THIS is IT! And that is not the case at all. There is a larger here here, and a larger now now…and we live here and now on the cusp of bringing this knowledge into the forefront and realizing that there is another way to live, and that way is of peace and love. Namaste!

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Welcoming Love and Abundance

 blue meditation

I have a mantra I say or think as often during the day as I can. I have been saying/thinking it more frequently as of late, because I sense that when I do, my footing on my path becomes more sure and miracles, large and small, happen with increased frequency. Doors open, ideas flow, opportunity knocks, and I find things that have gone missing—all, I am quite sure, because I simply asked, and made sure to focus on the intent of my mantra—“I welcome and grateful for the love and abundance in my life.” Since setting positive intent and expressing gratitude at the same time helps to manifest both love and abundance in many forms, it seems that this is a very good all-purpose mantra. In addition, it does not limit in any way what is manifested—money, relationships, happiness of all kinds. And, then, when I add, “all this or something better,” I open myself up to all sorts of possibilities, all because I welcome and am grateful for the positivity flowing through my life. Namaste!

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Serving Spirit


There is a very special feeling I get when I schedule a reading with someone and ask them to invite their people on the other side and everyone shows up on time! And it is even nicer when everyone is polite and takes their turn and works hard so I can understand what they are saying. Recently, a woman came in for a reading and, unbeknownst to me as we sat down, she had invited three family members to join us from the spirit realm. Her grandfather, whose name I heard fairly clearly, came in to moderate and help the others. Each of the other three spirits told me their names, though I only got first initials, and how they passed, and seemed to want to give solace to the woman, who was the daughter of one, and the sister of two of them. She handed me items, one for each person, which I did not look at, but simply held. As the session began to end, the three spirits gave me more information to verify their existence, which pleased the woman, as did their input into some questions she had. I remain grateful that I am able to serve spirit on both sides of the veil. Namaste!


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Robin Williams

Suicide Prevention Hotline

No matter what, suicide is not an answer, not a solution. The soul knows this the minute the spirit leaves the body. And, despite what the song says, suicide is not painless. It leaves in its wake a sea of broken hearts. I send peace and healing, light and love to Robin Williams and to all who love him. Namaste!

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