Everything is a matter of perspective

EVERYTHING is a matter of perspective . . . the wider it is, the more you see . . . and the more you see, the more potential there is to understand and, of course, once you understand, there is room for peace and love. If we start with meditation, we can learn about ourselves . . . how our mind works; how to attain that moment of peace within the gap between the thoughts; how to allow that moment of peace to grow throughout us and around us, spreading into the far distances where our minds can go while our bodies sit quietly. In meditation, we learn control, by letting go. Then, we can move on to learning to release tension and, by releasing tension, release the stress that keeps us from actualizing our lives, living our dreams, dreaming peace into the reality of the larger world. And, when we meet that larger world, we can, having prepared ourselves adequately through meditation and stress reduction, recognize a shared connection, one with the next. We can reach toward others, confident in the awareness, in the knowledge that we are made of the same stuff, we share the same needs and wants and desires. And, then, realizing we are all having a shared spiritual experience, even as we inhabit these bodies, we can recognize our oneness within the interdependent web, within the universe, within that Creative Spirit that created the All. And . . . it all begins with opening our minds to gain a wider perspective, one that sees through the eyes and hears through the ears of the heart. Namaste!

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