Restatement of the Rules

Restatement of the rules: You are free to believe whatever you want to and act however you want to as long as these beliefs and acts do not harm another person (and I do not mean by this “offend” someone . . . there are plenty of ways to offend people without meaning to do so, but that is based on their perceptions and not necessarily your intentions). What you are NOT free to do is impose your beliefs on another person or coerce someone to act the way you would like them to act. You would not like someone doing that to you, so don’t do that to other people. Also, you will feel a whole lot better if you believe that there is something or someone bigger than you are that can protect you in a time when you are not feeling so very strong. This can be a tree, or a large rock, or a spirit bigger than anything else. Just believe in and love this thing or being and feel secure that you are being protected. This eases your path through the day and the years. Okay, now, go forth and love others and yourself as equal beings on this planet. Namaste!

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