Miracles I

Adherents of various religious paths attribute miracles to the beings most closely associated with those belief systems [synch 6:07 a.m., 9/24/12, explanation to follow*]. When we pray for or request in some manner a miracle, an “other worldly” remedy to a “this world” problem or issue, we may do so for our own or on someone else’s behalf. Sometimes the miracle is obvious, e.g., we pray for healing and the healing occurs in a timely fashion and we attribute the healing to the intercession of a different plane being. Sometimes the miracle occurs but we do not recognize it as such because it does not seem to mesh with or meet with our desires, e.g., the healing does not occur or the result is skewed from that which is desired. Those who respond to requests for miracles are still bound to the same strictures of intent as we are on this plane, i.e., will the interference in the outcome alter the intended lesson or is the interference a part of the lesson. When we remember that everything that occurs here on this plane is based on our call to evolve spiritually, we can better relax into the idea that the lack of an answer or a result may be, in and of itself, a miracle in that some agent of the Creative Source was able to determine the correct course of action within the strictures of the path the requester/receiver may be on. It does get complicated, this business of miracles, but if we live every moment as a blessing and give gratitude, then we are the ones who are learning the lesson of living in a state of the miraculous. Requesting a miracle, for oneself or for others, is considered an act of connecting to the wider spiritual community, and in this is the actualizing of compassion and practicing compassion is an intrinsic aspect of any miracle. Thus, when we ask for a miracle, we are the ones who are the miracle workers as we act through compassion toward ourselves and others. Namaste!

*How do I recognize when messages are inspired? Moments of synchronicity validate the “otherness” of the information. As I wrote the word “systems” above, the word was also said on a nearby television. Synchronistic moments occur all the time. I consider synch moments as miracles because these can serve to reassure the recipient that they are on the right path.

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