Spirit Guide

Last night, we held the monthly Mediumship Circle at Psychic’s Thyme here in Rochester, NY. The owner, Char Hacker, and I facilitate this Circle to train others in utilizing their abilities, as well as the monthly séances. During the Circle, Char suggested we contact out spirit guides for help in the work we were about to do. I am about as familiar with my spirit guide, Roger, as I could possibly be . . . we have known each other a very long time (over 150 years—more on this in subsequent postings). Last night, though, for the first time in a long time, I felt him very distinctly wrap his arms around me and whisper in my ear that everything we have been working toward for all these years was happening (finally!) and he was very pleased with the progress we were making in getting the message out that there is no death, there are no dead and, because of this, there should be a release of fear and a welcoming of peaceful harmony on earth. As two people working from opposite sides of the veil, we will continue to work together to deliver the message of spiritual Oneness.

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2 Responses to Spirit Guide

  1. Beautiful wish I could join you.

    • tobiehewitt says:

      I wish you could, too! I plan to create a community to do the Work together and I don’t think we need to all be in the same place. Your energy would be a lovely addition! Namaste!

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