Limited Perceptions

We have such a limited range of perceptions here. We cannot even fathom how people from different cultures, religions, and environments live in far off countries (or even in nearby enclaves, for example ultra orthodox religious groups and their modes of conduct and mores). It would astonish most of us that people really do move about on camels or rickshaws, or do not eat certain foods or not eat for long periods of time. Our current world tensions are caused in part by our inability to grasp the idea that not everybody is like us or even should be like us. Then how much harder is it to comprehend that there are other levels of existence, some co-existing in the same space as we are, that we cannot see or hear or sense?

People in the other dimensions, which I sometimes refer to as the other here, have lives just like we do. Their lives appear physical and material to them in another vibrational level. My table is solid because I am solid; their table is solid on their plane in their experience of what constitutes physical. (from my book, Simple Gifts: Living a Spirited Life, available from,

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2 Responses to Limited Perceptions

  1. Hi! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m undoubtedly enjoying your
    blog and look forward to new posts.

    • tobiehewitt says:

      Hello! Thank you! Yes, you may find me on twitter at Tobie Hewitt@TobieHewitt. I am just starting to utilize Twitter in a more productive manner, so I will be adding Tweets more frequently. Thanks for following my posts. Namaste!

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