Time for a new paradigm . . . lessons of Sandy Hook, Part II

How do we reconcile the loss of innocent lives with the larger reality in which it occurred? How do we welcome the survivors into our midst as emissaries of change? Truly, the recent tragedy in Newtown can be examined more closely and solace gained by considering a wider plan at work. If we accept that each of us comes to this plane for a specific set of reasons with specific goals in mind, we can begin to understand the acceptance of sacrifice that these spirits made on our behalf. We are, indeed, spiritual beings having a physical experience, and, as such, we must always acknowledge that what our physical beings cannot remember, our spirit selves know, each as its portion of a master plan put in place by the Creative Spirit. Our existence is one of learning, and we are, while we are in the physical realm, constantly reminded that this is our spirits’ school. As such, the lessons may not always be to our liking, but they are always necessary to our growth within the All. Indeed, we are, at once, students and teachers, and in the case of the students and staff at Sandy Hook, we can understand that each person is serving in both roles. Those who left the physical plane knew, as spirits, that that was their chosen role in this lifetime . . . to serve not only as students in a school classroom, but, in turn, to teach us much about compassion and grace. And those who survived also learned much that day and will continue to do so and will in turn teach us as they grow into their increased knowledge of kindness and love . . . Namaste!

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