Love and Community

Natural disasters and manmade tragedies occur to impel us towards compassion and empathy. What happens to one, happens to us all. No matter the distance between the event and the witnesses, all are affected. Each disaster, each tragedy is part of a larger dynamic, the purpose of which is to learn. It is not comfortable to say this world is an illusion, that this plane of reality is an illusion, but the reality is the continuity of the spirit, and no matter the outcome of any event, the spirit remains intact and part of the whole. If we fill our world with hate, we feed the energy of hate and separation. If we fill the world with love, we feed the energy of love and community. Disasters and tragedies occur, seemingly with greater frequency the more we speak of and practice negative ideas. Each event that brings pain and sorrow to others challenges us to practice compassion, empathy, love, and generosity. Namaste!

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