Positive Energy

The breath connects our internal world to the external world. When we breathe in negativity and then breathe out that negativity to the universe, we darken the scope that is the ambiance of our environment. When we absorb negativity and allow it to grow within, our perspective of ourselves and others changes. We become, in essence, the negativity we have absorbed, just as the food we eat becomes part of our cells, for good or ill. When we fill ourselves with love, peace, and joy, that is what we become and that is what we send out into the world. We can express this positive nature as acts of kindness and generosity, even in the simple act of speaking warmly to others, and in small gestures of aid and peace. We can allow our positive energy to fill the world around us, filling the cells of the earth, so-to-speak, and thus not allow negativity room to enter. We can “be the change we want to see in the world” (Gandhi). Namaste!

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