The Glow of Grace

Everything and everyone in the universe is connected, one to the other. In joy and in sorrow, in plenitude or in need, we are connected and in that connection, we have the opportunity to tend to others as we would want them to tend to us. When we reach out to others, we are, in truth, reaching out to an expression of ourselves. The person in need of a hug, the one in need of a nutritious meal, the one in need of a few cents in the check-out line at the grocery store . . . when we give to them, we give to the whole, of which we are a part. Knowing the need of another and addressing it is compassion. Perceiving internally the need of another is empathy. Responding to that need is acting in the realm of grace—giving generously with love, mercy, and goodwill. In this, we ask nothing for ourselves, but, rather, give to another, and yet, because of the interconnectedness of our spirits, we enjoy the glow of grace. Namaste!

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