There are many kinds of beings and entities in the universe, and spirit, either incarnate or discarnate, is but one. Angels are another. They are immortal beings who do not require the path of reincarnation. We are admonished to take care of others and tend to their needs because in doing so we may be caring for angels. While this may be true because angels can and often do take human form to accomplish a multitude of tasks—helping in the events of crisis, at the time of transition, for guidance, providing warnings, imparting a message from another plane of existence, or to save someone from a dangerous situation—it is equally likely that the being we are encountering is a fellow spirit, a fellow traveler, who at the moment is discarnate, perhaps one with whom you may have contracted in the between time to encounter in this life as a test of learning, of having attained a needed lesson. This being can be a spirit who takes on the illusion of human form or even an unaware incarnate spirit. Not knowing with whom you are dealing, the best course of action is to treat people the way you would like to be treated—with kindness, compassion, empathy, and love. Namaste!

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