Roadblocks and Detours

It is good to be grateful for roadblocks and detours, for these sometimes teach the lessons we most need to learn. Figuring out how to deal with these challenges on our path through life can be frustrating but finding the answers can be gratifying. If the purpose of being here, a spirit in a physical body, is to allow the individual as well as the All to grow, then the seeming impediments to our progress can offer us new ways of thinking about ourselves and others. And, when we are most in need of help in surmounting the roadblock or traversing the detour, it is then we need to permit ourselves to reach out to others for help. That connection is part of the lesson . . . to learn that we are never alone and that other spirits, either incarnate or discarnate are there to help us, to allow us to be inspired by their example or comforted by their kindness. Our challenges are blessings that allow us to grow . . . the strongest plants are those that break through the soil to grow and be nurtured in the sunlight. Namaste!

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