Dance in the Light

The illusion of time moves through space as light ebbs and flows in the circle of the year. Now, the earth begins to awaken, deep within the cold ground. It is a time of change, always in relation to the light that sustains our planet and all that resides on it. Even as the snow continues to fall, even as the cold wind continues to blow, slowly, imperceptibly, the light begins to nudge at the horizon earlier and days begin to lengthen. We sit in the dark, listening for the sounds of winter turning into hints of spring. We light candles, as did our ancestors, to illuminate the darkness and welcome back the ever growing light. In this stillness, in the contrast of dark and light, we sense our heartbeats measuring time, pulse by pulse. And in this time of anticipation, of awareness of the edge of quiet and rebirth, we sense our own cycle through time, our own birth and rebirth, and celebrate the peace that comes from knowing we are integral aspects of the cosmic dance in the light. Namaste!

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