The Blessing of Change

Even that which is labeled an accident is not an accident. Everything that happens, happens because it was planned by one or more entities to happen. An event called a tragedy occurs and the lessons multiply for the victims and the survivors alike. Those whose spirits journey to the other side of the veil are not gone, just transformed. They have completed their purpose on this plane, for themselves and for those around them. Those whose spirits remain learn in grief and, if remaining mindful and aware, come to realize that those who have passed are not “dead,” but simply have left their bodies behind to return to their true home. Before we were here, we existed in another dimension, and when we are done with our lessons here in this body, we return to that same place. The universe is so large, and the planes of existence so many . . . the moments in time and space that seem to mark our lives with elation or grief are in truth malleable, shifting as sand on the ocean’s shore. There is no death, there are no dead. Our true selves exist as co-creators of the Creative Spirit in a perpetual state of grace and love. Namaste!

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