Seek and Reap

Our spirits contain the cumulative experiences of many lifetimes. Our strengths and weaknesses are not formed by this lifetime alone. A certain circumstance may bring us to a level of discomfort and unease that we cannot explain by the actual conditions we are experiencing. When we find ourselves confronted by these overwhelming feelings, disproportionate to the circumstances, we need not only to seek the help of those trained to determine the current root of the problem, we also need to try to become quiet and still and allow our minds to reach towards our spirits and thus to connect with the larger being of which we are a part and which is comprised and informed by all that we have ever been, in all time and space. When we are able to combine the knowledge gained through consultation both on the physical and spiritual planes, we are able to discern the root of our distress and can begin to heal. Diligence combined with patience can reap a deeper understanding of self and spirit. Namaste!

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