The Spirit of Trees

The earth is a present that we have given ourselves to provide our physical beings a place to learn the lessons we chose to learn in this dimension. As such, we should take care to treat the planet upon which we work, play, and rest, like the amazing, sustaining creature that she is. Just our presence here changes her daily, but she was created to compensate for our being here. For example, the trees and plants live in symbiosis with us. We breathe in the oxygen they provide, they absorb the carbon dioxide we exhale. They also cleanse the air as well as the ground of pollutants. The problems occur when there are too many pollutants in the air and the ground for the trees to handle. Then they get sick and even die, which is what can happen to us if the planet becomes too polluted for it to clean itself. We should honor and respect that the spirits of the trees live as one with our spirits. Namaste!

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