Living in our Lineages

We are physically born to parents. Through them, we are made aware of siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. We share a physical lineage with them. Our genetics are handed down from one generation to another. It is fairly easy to trace our physical lineage and many websites exist now to help us do so. At the same time, we have a spiritual lineage, people with whom we incarnate over lifetimes. While this spiritual lineage can include biological family members—a father’s spirit could have been a cousin’s spirit in an earlier incarnation, or a sister could have been a mother—we also are connected to people who are not physically related. Not only could a close friend have been a friend in a previous lifetime, she could also have been a relative. As we travel through our current incarnation, we meet people with whom we have an immediate connection, and some we can’t get away from fast enough. These visceral reactions are indications of previous lifetimes together. Our physical and spiritual lineages inform our current relationships with others. Namaste!

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One Response to Living in our Lineages

  1. sv says:

    True , I’m reminded of a quote – “God gave us our relatives; thank God we can choose our friends.” – Ethel Watts Mumford , because as we gain maturity in the journey of life we realize the value of having few, but true friends , and can’t help wondering if we have known them for ages ‘coz they understand us so well.

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