Our True Home

Spirit is always around us. These entities are friends and loved ones who have passed out of their physical bodies and reentered the plane on which we exist for the greatest portion of our existence. Our visits to the physical realm are but brief moments in time. It is similar to the idea that we spend a certain amount of time each day attending school and then we go home, where we are surrounded by family and have time to rest, relax, and play. We do not mourn leaving school each day or at the end of our years of formal education and we are eager to get on with our “real” lives. The world of spirit is our true home. When we go home, those who surrounded us when we were incarnate, whether they were also incarnate or in fact discarnate, continue to interact with us. What plane of existence we are on at any moment does not affect the relationships that sustain us through the energy of love. Namaste!

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