Become the Joy

The opposite of fear is joy! Living in a state of no fear gives us freedom to experience our reality, our now and here, as one of shining love. In this there is an abundance of happiness and fulfillment we cannot access when we cloud our lives with fear and worry. When we live in joy, fireflies and stars sparkle in any darkness we may encounter. The darkness is then not a place of fear, but a place of beauty, where we can see with the eyes of our heart the true essence of everything around us. When we see and hear through our hearts, rather than through our monkey minds, we are able to ascertain that light and dark exist in peaceful balance and one is not to be feared and the other revered, but both are to be experienced for the beauty they bring to our lives. When we live without fear, we become the joy that is found within the energy of love. Namaste!

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