Meeting Again for the First Time

Because you are connected to other spirits through the interdependent web, you can meet someone and act and react based on your spirit’s recognition of the other spirit. Do you experience an immediate liking or loathing of that person based on nothing that has happened to inform you of that person’s background, beliefs, or state of mind? When this happens, you are experiencing your spirit’s memory of a different incarnation with that person. Dislike at first sight can be your spirit remembering a past adversarial relationship. This person may have been someone with whom you shared a violent event or a harsh dependency. Love at first sight is often a recall of a deep and abiding emotional bond with that person. A past loving and caring existence together is warmly remembered and both of your spirits reach towards that familiar security. When our spirits meet after separation, our memories of other incarnations together inform our reactions and actions. Namaste!

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