A Matter of Perspective

As small as a pin hole in a piece of paper is our perspective on that which we recognize as our reality. We can see the mug containing our coffee, but we cannot see the nanoparticles, atoms, and molecules that compose the mug into a form useful for the purpose of conveying coffee to our lips for drinking. We cannot see the cohesive energy that holds the molecules and atoms into form and neither can we see the light that this energy emits as it goes about its work. Further, we cannot see that the nanoparticles, atoms, and molecules create all that we see and all that we are in physical form. And, because of our limited perception, we do not recognize that the energy and its light hold everything together, everything in the universe, everything physical and non-physical. When we practice seeing with the eyes of the heart, our perception widens. Then, we are able to perceive the energy of love that holds everything within the interdependent web. Namaste!

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