Living in Joy

People are who they are, expressing their unique beings in this incarnation. We cannot ask and expect others to live up to our standards or demands. They are called upon to act and react in this lifetime in certain patterns of behavior and it is not up to us to make them conform to our ideas of how to live their lives or express themselves. The free thinker acts out from a connection to the Creative Spirit just as much as one for whom a more constraining lifestyle is advantageous. Our choice is to follow our own path and allow others to follow theirs. When we interact with those who are marching to a different beat, we need to learn to respect their unique meter and syncopation and hope that they are inspired to respect ours. We exist to learn from each other in all sorts of situations, some of which may be joyful and others of which may test our abilities to maintain our composure. We all are manifestations of the same Creative Spirit and are called upon to learn and grow peaceably within the interdependent web. We are not here to judge others, but, instead, to live together in joy. Namaste!

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