Equality = Freedom

When we speak of freedom and especially the lack thereof, we most often do so in relation to those at a distance who are suffering from conditions of poverty, slavery, or tyranny. These obvious manifestations of lack of choice and freewill invite us to consider those in such restricted circumstances and may inspire us to take action to alleviate the victims’ suffering. Often, though, we remain oblivious to the instances of lack of freedom around us and the consequences of this limited state of being. When we limit the equality of freedoms of some in society for whatever differences we may perceive, we limit our own freedom to enjoy equality as well as to freely express and experience our unique experience of this incarnation. Spirit living within the interdependent web is inspired and encouraged to pursue the blessings inherent in the state of being free. When there is a lack of equality, by definition, no one is equal. Namaste!

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