Spirit Communication

Who am I? Why am I here? How can I make a difference? Am I living my best life in this span of time I am here on this earth? When we examine our lives, we become aware of the questions seeking answers.

In my presentation Spirit Communication, I introduce the idea of spirit as a part of our daily lives. We are spirit whether we are incarnate or not. As a spiritual intuitive, I see and talk with spirits on both sides of the veil and act as a conduit through which the two sides can interact to bring solace to the bereaved, hope to the hopeless, and guidance to the lost. During this presentation, I share what it is like to be a spiritual girl in a physical world, and will give brief readings to audience members. Please visit https://tobiehewitt.wordpress.com/contact/ for contact information.

Click the link to view a sample clip of my presentation, Spirit Communication, presented 10/31/12. http://youtu.be/9n8Kn0v7QEM

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