Welcome to 2014—The Year of Actualization!

Happy New Year—Happy New Day, new minute, new moment of discovery and growth. Every nanosecond offers us the opportunity to live in the now. In that new nano moment is a universe of possibilities for growth through which we can reach our full potential and learn the deepest lessons in this lifetime. In this sense of commitment to discovery, I feel compelled to share my adventures through this journey of actualization of my life’s purpose. This year I will try to share with you what it is truly like to be a spiritual girl living in a physical world, how I try to stay centered in the here and now, and, in doing so, hope that you can gain some insight into your own journey on your own path. Just as I will be chronicling my process and progress here, it might be beneficial for you to get yourself a notebook and record your journey, too. When we look back at the illusion of now from the illusion of twelve months from now, it will be interesting to see just how far we have come as we live mindfully in this moment. Namaste!


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