Meditation—This year, with everything I am anticipating . . . more motivational speaking gigs, writing a new book, marketing all the books already published, giving more readings and serving Spirit as much as possible . . . I know I am going to need a few moments (at least) of peace and settling in centeredness every day. Meditation is a practice I need, but I have a monkey mind and it is always finding ways of pulling me away from serene mindfulness into wondering if I forgot anything on my shopping list or if I turned the light off in my bedroom or any number of meaningless thoughts that wander through the synapses of my brain while I am trying to think of nothing whatsoever. This year, I am dedicating myself to meditating at least five minutes twice a day in order to refocus and recharge. From that state of awareness, no matter how brief, I know I will be better prepared to receive guidance from the universe as I create the life I have chosen to live. Namaste!

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