Naming the Deity

Naming the Deity—I was first inspired to call this larger-than-us being The Creative Force. I thought about Star Wars and although I had recognized what this title implied, it was not what had inspired the name. It just manifested itself in my mind as I was writing. Then, since this being exists separate from my thinking of it, as the universe AND as the internal spark that was me, I asked if it were not possible to use a less strong-arm moniker (I did not want the word “Force” to suggest that it would strongly compel, overcome, or overwhelm) . . . could WE find something more appropriate to call this intelligent and loving energy that created everything and, indeed, was contained in everything. And then it became obvious in a nanosecond . . . this energy was none other than the Creative Spirit. Creative as in bringing into being and Spirit because that is what everything IS . . . Essential Spirit (more on that another day). And so, because I did not want to reflect or borrow from any religion or dogma and because I did not want to offend or alienate anyone in any belief system, the Deity became The Creative Spirit, which I think nicely sums up what it is.

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