Crystal Work

Being a spiritual girl in a physical world means, among other things, that I avail myself of and utilize the energies that exist around me to help myself and others. Tomorrow, on the second New Moon of the month, I am creating and activating a crystal grid to facilitate the healing of a friend of mine. Different crystals have different vibrations based on molecular structure, color, etc. Think sugar and salt—these taste different because they are different and they add different qualities to the foods we eat. Crystals act the same way—they have different qualities based on their structure and these qualities are useful in enhancing our vibrations and the vibrations in our environment. Grid work takes different crystals and utilizes them in a flat structure, allowing their vibrations to interact and this helps to manifest the user’s intent. Add candlelight and some incense, and the activity becomes even more imbued with positive energy! Namaste!


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