The Worm Moon

The full moon today is known as The Worm Moon, among other names. It is, supposedly, when the worms begin moving in the earth again. I look at the frozen, ice-hidden grass glistening in the cold light of the sun and wonder if my garden will ever produce the flowers and vegetables my soul craves as signs that the world, indeed, has awakened to a warmer, more fecund season. One dark crow (this is also known as The Crow Moon) hesitantly paces the ground waiting, seemingly hopeful for a thaw in the final moments of this long, tedious winter. I need to let my heart, my spirit, connect to that of this fellow being and believe, too, that the worms will free themselves from this glacial earth, which at its core is sustained by an ever vibrating energy within which are the seeds of hope. Namaste!

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    These words resonate with me, especially with this new fallen snow on the ground. Faith… the spring comes!

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