Working with Spirit

I often become mired in wondering if I am presenting something correctly, or if something is missing or not explained fully. It is, I suppose, a hazard of being a writer, though one I have worked hard to overcome through exercises such as stream-of-consciousness writing. This process frees me from thinking about what I am writing and just lets words flow out without trying to control the intent or outcome. This last sentence was pretty much written in that manner. The process requires that I step aside and cease editing and seeking the perfect words and, instead, simply allow ideas to flow through me. In this it is similar to automatic writing (which I think of as taking dictation from Spirit) and even when I allow Spirit to speak through me without stopping to see if it makes any sense (which sometimes happens with entertaining results at seance).

When I am asked a question about an aspect of the universe that some Teacher or Master wishes to respond to, I often hear myself allowing them to speak through me and I hope that the listener is taking notes. Sometimes, after I sense that the question has been answered, I try to capture on paper what I remember of what was said. When a sitter receives a reading from me and wants to continue the conversation with the loved one on the other side, I often recommend taking a composition notebook and starting a dialogue by writing down a question and then waiting to hear a response and writing that down next. The response will sound like the sitter’s own thoughts but, over time, they will come to see that the spirit’s words and meanings are different from their own. And, for anyone interested . . . this is not what I expected to write about today, which is indicative of what it is like to work with Spirit. Namaste!

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