Ask and Spirit Will Help

I decided I wanted to read a particular edition of The Way of Life by Lao Tzu, one translated by T. B. Blakney. I have, I believe, a couple of other versions of this classic around the house, but I wanted that one, which is nicely annotated. The problem was that I could not locate it. My daughter has just moved home from college, in the midst of spring deep cleaning. In short, my house is in an advanced state of disarray. I had made several circles around the large islands of stuff, grabbing piles of books in hopes that one would contain the unfound volume. I took a break and decided to ask for help from Spirit. Nothing profound, just, “help please.” It is a good method and works more often than not, so I had every reason to believe it would work this time. Sure enough . . . a few moments later I received the impetus to go to a neat stack in a tidy bookcase, and there was the book. There is no reason to face challenges alone. Spirit is always available to help even the smallest need. They have a different perspective that lends itself to a broader awareness . . . even to find a book. Namaste!

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