The Nurturing Spirit


I believe the time is not coming, but is, rather, here now, when we must face the idea that the civilization we are living in is anything but civilized; that we are who we are because of the conquering and massacre of many indigenous peoples, many of whom carried much wisdom and knowledge, based in the recognition of the duality of our reality: we are both physical and spiritual at the same time. That duality is the basis for understanding that we cannot rely on violence and cruelty to solve problems and conflicts. We need to live not in a mean-spirited way but, rather, in a nurturing-spirit manner, where each and every one of us is the caretaker of our fellow beings, whether human or animal. We need to understand that we are all a part of the Creative Spirit, and we exist as aspects of her vision of this expression, best categorized as love. Namaste! Please join me at

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