I was asked about the circumstance of spirit who when incarnated perpetrated gross injustices and cruelties on members of humankind. Some thought has been given. The answer would appear to be that this is the place of mundane learning, as in that of the tactile and physical held within the grip of illusion. In reality, this is the place of seeking to find a higher awareness and that can be brought on by the practices of meditation, kindness, service, love, etc. It can also be attained by witnessing the inhumanities inflicted on others, as in stirring the attributes of compassion and empathy. This lifetime is transient. What happens here, stays here, except for the growth of the spirit, which is eternal. When we become discarnate and move on to the between times, we reflect on our service or disservice to ourselves and others. The awareness of this knowledge creates the growth we sought while in the body. When we no longer have the body, we become unencumbered by our actions and motivations and instead only retain the lessons learned in the incarnation. Thus, even the most inhumane who walk the earth do so to learn and to teach, though we may not recognize the lessons while we are incarnate. Namaste!

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