On the Cusp

NASA stars

When a piece of music, or art, or dance, or the very elements of nature around us suddenly are perceived as being endowed with a subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) energy that flows toward and into our bodies, filling us with a vibration that can best be described as love, then we are in acknowledgement, at some level, of who and where we really are. We can begin to discern that the idea of being alone is not possible. In fact, I have never met anyone who is alone on this plane. There is always a spirit, or guide, or even teacher or master, who is standing at the ready and is sending the vibration of love and compassion, empathy and inclusion to every one of us. We can sometimes know these beings from dreams or by that slight difference we feel when we enter a room, or experience a subtle breeze or sound that contains a sense of sentience . . . it is at once familiar and strange, the latter because we have been indoctrinated to believe, to even think we know, that somehow THIS is IT! And that is not the case at all. There is a larger here here, and a larger now now…and we live here and now on the cusp of bringing this knowledge into the forefront and realizing that there is another way to live, and that way is of peace and love. Namaste!

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