Open Mind

SummerSolsticeSoireeClose eyes. Take a deep cleansing breath. Release tension. Another cleansing breath. Open mind. It really is a very short path from being here (3D) to being aware of the other here (4D). As short as a breath? I have written it before and will keep writing it until I remember it 24/7 and until the message reaches those who need/want to hear it. The path to the between space is through the breath, allowing your mind to close to the busy thrumming of the moment and open to the wider energies that flow toward us as ever-widening ripples. These are always flowing, washing over us like a warm “Hello,” but until we find that stillness within, we remain oblivious (for the most part) to the energy . . . unless we are startled by a sudden, inexplicable thought or a feather wafting down in front of us or a synchronous word/action or any number of ways in which spirit  tries to get our attention every day. And they are, you know . . . always trying to let us know they are here for help, inspiration, guidance, or just a friendly conversation. So, make a cup of tea, take a cleansing breath, and have a nice chat with spirit. Namaste!

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