Communicating with Spirit

blue meditation

How does spirit try to get our attention? How do 4D people reach out and communicate with us? How do we know we are dealing with spirit and not some idea of our own or a “coincidence” we choose not to recognize as coming from a source not confined to our 3D world? Sometimes, the communication is obvious: a yellow rose appearing on a special day, seemingly out of nowhere; the feeling we should turn right rather than left and then we later learn we have avoided an accident; a fellow traveler on this plane suddenly saying something to us in answer to a question we had been pondering silently. These leave very little doubt that something at least unusual is occurring. And what of a feather appearing in an unlikely spot or being awakened at 4:44 several times in one week or a book containing needed information falling off a shelf as we pass by? There is no such thing as coincidence. All things occur in a time and space by design or conscious intent. When we accept that spirit is trying to communicate with us, we can begin to seek guidance and solace from them and find that they are very willing to give us both. Namaste!

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