Discerning Spirit

As we become more familiar with the idea of interacting with spirit, we begin to develop an awareness of when it is someone else and not simply our own thoughts we are hearing. There is a certain realization that the thought we are experiencing is not at all in our own voice, and perhaps the tonality of the words/thoughts is different than what we hear when we are just thinking. You can hear, “I think I need a glass of water,” and be fairly sure it is you who is thinking this. But, if you hear, “You need to drink a glass of water,” and there is a feeling that the words are being said to you rather than by you, you might want to consider that spirit is aware of, for example, that you are dehydrated and really in need of water for your physical well-being. Spirit always tries to lead us toward positive actions. On the other hand, if you hear a thought that is telling you to do something harmful to yourself or others, you may want to seek the help of a professional, because that is something spirit would never do. Namaste!

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