With love . . .

Metta MemeYesterday, 1/11/16, was a day of sadness and also of the spirit of the world rising up and catching me, again, in an indomitable moment of synchronicity and peace. Sadness that the creative spirit of David Bowie left the physical to return to our real home where stardust is more evident. I am not the sort to say “RIP.” I prefer “carry on”! It also was a day when that mystical synch moment, that call to attention came, always surprisingly. Busy with the details of work, I felt an impulse to check the time. 11:11! A call to prayer and peace, a time to set intent for love and healing for the planet. One minute out of the day to join with others to send positive energy into the world. We are the stuff that dreams and stars are made of and in this we are and always will be One. Yours in service . . .

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