Testimonials from Intuitive Consultations

My experiences with Tobie have been nothing less than incredible. She quickly discerned the identity of one of my spirit guides and proceeded to describe in detail a momento I kept from him, which I had long since forgotten, and told me the precise location in my home where I would find it. The messages she delivered were specific, accurate, and things she could not possibly have known by conventional means. My friends have had similar experiences with her. We formed a special connection at our first meeting, and I have continued to turn to Tobie for advice and counsel ever since. Her intuitive readings have always led me down the right path, and I intend to continue working with her in the future. Kate S.

When my mom was dying a year and a half ago, she and I had a discussion about our beliefs. We didn’t agree on who was right and who was wrong about a particular aspect of it. I asked her to let me know which one of us was right when she got to the other side. She agreed. We both kept this discussion mostly between us and it was not common knowledge, even in our family. I had a reading with Tobie recently and handed her a ring that had belonged to my mother. She gave me verifiable, correct information about her, but the most astounding thing of all was when she gave me the exact answer, including details to the question of who was right between my mother and me. It was so specific that there is no way that it came from anywhere except spirit. I believe Tobie is the real deal and I was delighted to discover her and her amazing abilities. If you have been on the fence about getting a reading, I say take the leap and go for it….Joy A.

I have had multiple readings with Tobie. My first reading was a shock. I only had one person in mind to talk to and not only did that person come through, but my uncle Tim came through as well, which was amazing. She mentioned things about my house and the things I wanted to do to remodel it and she has never been to my house. I did not expect the outcome and the feeling I felt and the emotions I left with. It was simply AMAZING. Also the reading mentioned a possible job/change in my life; sure enough three months later I took on a different position at work. I walked out of the reading like a little kid with candy. I wanted to tell everyone about my experience. I have a recording of the session that still gives me goosebumps when I listen to it. I suggest you call her up and schedule a reading—it will change your life! ….Victoria A.

I have been to other mediums and none of them gave me a reading like the one I had with Tobie. I only wanted to talk to one person and it was the first person who came through! Tobie did an excellent job and I walked away feeling like all of my questions were answered. I will be going back to her as well as referring my friends to her. . . .Steffani P.

I highly recommend that everyone meets Tobie Hewitt! She is an intelligent, energetic and humorous person who generously shares her spirit gift to those she encounters. I was introduced to Tobie through personal experience of dealing with a dying parent. Tobie was very thoughtful, empathetic and shared her very accurate  intuitions which have been extremely comforting to me. I continue to learn from her daily which has made me more aware of my potential to BECOME. I am so thankful that Tobie makes a difference! Kelly L.

I had been interested in seeing a spiritual reader for quite some time. Eventually, it was as if all the stars and people involved in my life unknowingly aligned and made it happen. I had never been to a medium before and I did not know what to expect, but I had so many questions about where I was in my life and wanted some insight. I was nervous about seeing Tobie. Not only was I full of my own person questions, I had questions of concern initially for her and the reading as well. What information would she tell me? Is she for real? Would anyone who had past actually show up in my reading? I had never met Tobie before and I did not know what to expect. Should I express my concern? I did not know. But, I was quickly put at ease. Tobie was very kind and I soon felt comfortable.  The first thing she told me was that an older man was coming through and his name is Frances. I nearly fell off my seat! I began to tear up. I had just met this woman, she knows doesn’t know me from Adam, and here she is telling me my grandfather, who died 27 years ago was there and she knew his name! She accurately described his background a little bit and then said a woman with an unusual “M” name stepped forward and put her arm around Frances’ arm.  Well, my grandmother, Frances’ wife, was named Maxine. That’s an unusual “M” name and proof enough for me! I was so excited and had tears of happiness! How cool was this! I finally told Tobie who the people were and she was even excited for me! The reading continued and I continued to be shocked and amazed.  Then my father-in-law came through.  He passed years before my husband and I were married, so I have never met the man, but I know the stories and have seen pictures.  Through Tobie, he said some amazing things; my favorite being that when my husband and I joke that he was in the room listening, which we have done for years, he was letting Tobie know that he was really there! I could go on and on about how amazing my experience was with Tobie, but I want to keep most of the information for my own ears! I have to say, it was one of the most wonderful experiences in my life and I intend to see her often! Hilary T

Tobie . . . I just wanted to thank you for today. As I listen back to the tape you gave us I have called my grandmother and asked her about most of it. You were right on. First let me start with the G name. My grandfather’s grandmother’s name was Gwendolyn. She used to wash her clothes in a big trough on the farm and “smacked” with a wooden spoon. Clara was my grandmother’s cousin who passed 20 years ago. I did not know of these people or their names until I heard them today. Then you started to talk about Patti the reason my father came to you. You were right on about 98 percent of it. The other 2 percent we haven’t figured out yet. You had said that she was with a little boy. After talking to my dad, [he told me] he and Patti had a miscarriage. It was a boy. She was broken up about it. Even got a death certificate for him. Two days prior to coming to you we were on the phone talking about if we believed in this or if you were real. I said we should come up with a code word and if Patti comes through and she says it, then we [would] know. I picked “yellow” for the awful color she painted our kitchen. My dad asked you if she comes to him and you said “yes she does. What does it have to do with yellow? What’s yellow?” We were blown away! That was amazing! I always believed but never had a confirmation till today and for that I thank you! I will definitely be coming back to you. There is one person close to my heart that I still need to hear from. Again I just wanted to thank you . . . Truly Grateful, Andrea

Testimonials from Spiritual Core Strength (formerly Core Strength for Peace) Presentation 

“Thanks so much for the information and the opportunity. The exercises are great, and I know firsthand that meditation can change your life. Maybe not immediately, but stick with it!  . . . Just like stress reduction can make a single worker more productive, connecting entire workplace teams by spirit can decrease friction and increase team productivity and synergy. A harmonized whole is most assuredly more productive than a disconnected whole, and I bet business would like that idea. Thanks for the exercises and info!”~~~Robert R.

“I think your presentation was wonderful! Your way of talking to people is gentle, understanding, and honest. I am a Reiki Master and IET [Integrated Energy Therapy] certified and will use this, too. I have been saying for some time that I wish the world was so different. I will use your kind and inspirational words on a daily basis to help heal society and this world we live in.” ~~~Sarah-Ann

“I loved the amount of information that you gave and how excited you were about Core Strength. The demonstrations were very helpful and giving us experience and do them ourselves was a great idea! Overall, it was a great experience and very helpful for everyday use. You did a great job and I enjoyed this experience and am looking forward to learning and connecting more.”~~~Brittany

“I felt very relaxed and could see the white light while traveling into the other person’s core. Very moving and at peace! Each thing that you taught me brought me a little closer to my spirit and others.”~~~Carol W.

“Very informative presentation! Methods taught through exercises were useful. Stress reduction is an important coping mechanism that everyone can benefit from daily. I know the next time I’m feeling stressed at work, I will stop and breathe! Thank you so much!~~~Angel R.

“The presentation was quite informative and thorough in how everything was explained. Quite easy to follow along with the exercises and verbally. I learned a lot even from even this short presentation.”~~~Anonymous

“I understand about both inner cores—I was, however, so pleased and surprised to feel the inner ‘shake.'”~~~Judy B.

“Enjoyed the breathing, which relaxed me. Felt the energy when exchanging with the other person. Felt really good. Would like to attend more classes.”~~~Carol S.

“Excellent presentation. I learned another way to receive spirit! When giving the presentation, there’s no way you need to change anything.”~~~Lenny C.

“Because of the breathing I feel safer and better now. You have put an impact on my life.” ~~~Reyna R., age 10


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